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Samsung Galaxy Gear – The Smartwatch from Sony

Now it’s the era of wearable gadgets, the gadgets that you can just wear on your eyes or wrists and operate some other gadget with it, or maybe just use it as an individual gadget. A few days ago, the most hyped wearable gadget used to be the Google Glass, and that hype is pretty old now, the new hype is the newest smartwatches from Sony and Samsung. Sony has announced that their Smartwatch 2 is going to hit the markets soon, and Samsung has already shown off their Galaxy Gear, which is actually their smartwatch. So, what do they have in their smartwatch? How is it different from the other smartwatches? And why you might be interested in a smartwatch?

It has been one of the much awaited device from Samsung, we expected them to come up much before. However, they have finally brought their smartwatch which they named Samsung Galaxy Gear. We now already know that Galaxy Gear is not of its first kind, there’s yet another brand named Pebble that has been pretty much popular with the users. But usually people notice more when a name like Samsung has been included in the run.


Samsung Galaxy Gear

The name might seem a bit confusing at first, what is a Galaxy Gear? But when you already know that it’s a smartwatch, it makes more sense. When a bunch of South Korean genius executives planned and designed the Galaxy Gear, what did they have in their mind? They actually tried to see what you think about having such a ‘gear’. And they tried to make the best of what you would want.

Of course, for wearable gadgets, implementation of fashion is a must. Thinking of this demand, the Galaxy Gear arrives in six different vibrant colors, and you got the freedom to choose from. You do not want to wear a gadget that does not go with your lifestyle, you actually don’t have to. Just pick the color you really love.

But the downside is, if fashion costs a huge amount of money, you might not want to do that fashion. The estimated price of this smartwatch is US$ 299, and which is even higher than many entry or mid-level Android smartphone. You get a Nexus 4 16 GB for that price, and you might actually be interested in a smartphone than a smartwatch, and the smartwatches are of no use if you don’t own a smartphone by the way.


The Galaxy Gear is designed mostly using stainless steel and rubber and looks more like ordinary sports watches. There are not many differences between an ordinary watch and this, but you will certainly know which one is a Galaxy Gear when you see that camera on its belt. Yes, the smartwatch has a camera and it’s on the belt. Stalking people (it’s a bad thing to do!) has never been easier. And that’s the one point where Galaxy Gear outruns Sony Smartwatches.


That’s the major concern. Is it usable in all circumstances, like most $299 ordinary watch would do? You can wear a $299 watch even deep underwater, we don’t expect this watch to survive under water but will this at least survive daily wears and tears? Well, time will say that once you get one for yourself.

And what would be the basic use of this? Say you have a huge device like a Samsung Galaxy Note 10, or maybe even a Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Note 10.1 with 3G. Of course, you wouldn’t want to pull out the huge device every single time if you want to make or take a call, or just check a text message. That’s what the smartwatch basically does, and there are many more interesting features as well. Your device will automatically be screen-locked when you put your device more than 1.5 meters away from your smartwatch, or the feature to check emails on your smartwatch, and the Galaxy Gear even allows you to speak through the watch. Just raise your hand and put it in front of your mouth.

For daily life integration, the smartphone has some meters like a pedometer to keep tracks of your jogging, a music player to support your mood, a camera to shoot like a spy and so on. You don’t have to pull out the phone off pocket anymore.

Our Verdict

Upon our first review, we can say that Samsung has brought a wearable smart device that is both fashionable and usable, it’s stylish and sits on your without bothering you, just like an ordinary watch. If you feel that you don’t like pulling off your smartphone every time, especially on the roads, then it’s time to make plans for buying a Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Reasons Why iPhone 5S is a Perfect Flagship

When you first say iPhone, it may seem to you that the same old smartphone just getting evolved without any innovations. But, this time Apple proved everyone wrong and in their way of victory, they’ve released two smartphones of different kinds. One is named as iPhone 5S and the other one is iPhone 5C. With lots of new features and new iOS version, Apple has targeted the whole market to suit up against their toughest opponent, Android. This month Android has spoken of their new version KitKat, and iOS 7 is looking forward to rival it. The two new smartphones from Apple are not only an upgrade from their predecessor iPhone 5 but also it brings so many things to mind. In our segment today, we’ll try to demonstrate our enthusiastic review on iPhone 5S, the flagship from Apple and why it should be a perfect one.


Design & Display

With a premium whole body design, it comes with aluminum finish for maximum durability and a premium outlook. iPhone 5S’s design resembles it predecessor iPhone 5 but in some ways, it exceeds iPhone 5. Some might say it has the same old display size but we’d argue about that. It comes with 4-inch display with the dimensions of 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 inches. Instead of the black & white colors, Apple has introduced Grey Silver, Gold finish to replace them. Some users might have complained about Apple’s back finish of Black color and its wearing problem like it get scratches on its back pretty easily but from what we’ve seen in Grey Silver, it’s more resistant to scratches. So, putting your iPhone 5S on the table, you can worry less for getting scratches on it. After 6 years of using the curved Home button, Apple introduced a flat one on its iPhone 5S. It actually feels great to use iPhone 5S single-handedly. It’s great to see that Apple hasn’t increased its size to massive units like Samsung, Sony, and HTC.

It weighs around 112g and it feels great in hand. You won’t face any problems when you pull it out of your jeans or even operating in buses or trains, it feels normal to use in one hand.

Perfect Features for a Perfect Flagship

1.       Fingerprint Sensor

Apple is the first one to implement the idea of using this sensor on their flagship. Although, many manufacturers have promised to use this technology but Apple has made its way to come first. So, instead of the curve Home button, you’ll get a flat one with the fingerprint sensor on it. So, when you’re trying to unlock your iPhone, just pressing the Home button will do the trick and it’s more intuitive than ever. It won’t take long for you to gear up the settings through the on-screen activation procedure for the Touch ID aka Fingerprint recognition. iPhone mobile offers pretty quick unlocking system as well. If you’re wondering where your fingerprint is getting sent to, you should feel pretty relived that your fingerprint will only remain in your smartphones processor, it won’t be send to any servers.

2.       Faster Processor

Apple is the first one to implement 64-bit processor as well. It makes no wonder that Apple has increased its hardware performance too. It means your data processing speeds will be getting doubled no matter how long you’re operating your phone and how much data you’re incorporated with. With larger resolution (1136 x 640 pixels) and higher pixel density (326 ppi) Apple has made its Android competitors really hungry for newer innovations. But altogether, Apple hasn’t made a large shock out of everyone’s head.

So, you might think iPhone mobile offers are really great, you can. But, most of the tech-geniuses are looking to see more from Apple. Apart from this, iPhone 5S is the best flagship from Apple so far.

iOS 7 Review


iOS 7 beta was released back in June and it wasn’t available for everyone to get their hands on, it was most like a developer’s preview version. Only the Apple developers had the opportunity to test it, develop apps for it, and implement it. Although it wasn’t only restricted to the developers, all iOS enthusiasts could get that on their iOS running devices if they actually tried a little bit. However, iOS 7 is a major upgrade from its previous versions, because the look and feel has almost entirely changed. The iOS has always looked kind of similar, maintaining a unique Apple feel and Apple might have thought of refreshing their looks and now we can see the result in the newly released iOS 7. The iOS was in its beta phase all these after its initial release but now, iOS 7 is in its final release with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. And Apple announced that they would soon be rolling out updates for their other Apple products; iPhone 3GS and above devices will get the update.

The changes are however, very pleasing. Like of course, they are supposed to be pleasing, or else what’s the point of upgrading. Let’s have a look on the changes, briefly.

The Fade Effect

The new iOS comes with a fade in and fade out effect when you lock and unlock the screen. There weren’t much effect in the previous versions, but this added effect in iOS 7 looks good on the iPhone screen. Also, the screen brightness changes with the fade effect. Overall, it’s like a warm welcome to your phone.



The traditional ‘Slide to Unlock’

That’s a big change, because there’s literally nothing visible now that you can slide. There’s just this line ‘Slide to Unlock’, and the phone expects you to know what to do. Of course, after using an iPhone or any smartphone for all these years you are supposed to know what to do. So, I would say Apple has made a smart move in that. Although the control center up arrow just below the ‘Slide to Unlock’ might confuse you about sliding it up rather than sliding it to the right side but however, you will get used to it.

Parallax Menu View

This should be considered the most innovative invention that Apple could claim in their software R&D. When you move the phone, the menu screen provides you a parallax view. And what is that? That is, the homescreen always appears to you the same way no matter how you move the phone. The icons will always be facing straight towards you. The icons move as well as the background, and you can have a better idea on this watching the official trailer.

Restrict Cellular Data

You didn’t have control to prevent apps from downloading data over your cellular network instead of WiFi, you always had to stick to what the phone decides. Now, you can actually control which app to use which stream of data. Although this has been a common feature in Android since Ice Cream Sandwich, but now it’s added to iOS as well.


Eye Catching Animations

The mobile devices being released today are actually having a good potential to run animated stuffs. And so, the iOS 7 comes with animations pretty much everywhere, making your experience through your phone more pleasing. Just tap an icon, the screen will zoom towards it and the rest of the icons on screen will just fly away. Isn’t this cooler enough for you?

Live Icons

The icons didn’t have any animation on them, but now you get some icons that live on the home screen. Like the clock app, the time on it actually changes and not stuck in 10.15 forever like the previous versions.

Battery Indicator

There have been a few changes implemented in the battery icon effects. The bolt sign that used to appear when you plugged in your phone is now placed next to the battery, pulsing. It actually shows how much power is left in the battery.

More Gestures

Not everyone likes the gestures on smartphones, but if you like them then this is good news for you. Now you get plenty of new interesting smart gestures that you have to try for yourself or you won’t get the fun. And the pull up bar from the bottom looks kind of like that from Android smartphones, just you have to pull this from the bottom. The top pull-down notification bar remains as it was.


This one has changed as well. Apple provides you with an easy solution to make changes to your background applications so that you can manage them well and preserve battery life.

Remotely wake up the Apps

iOS offers this new features where your apps could be remotely controlled using silent push notifications. You won’t be noticing anything but your app would, this is especially very useful with apps that needs to automatically sync.

And many more

There are still many more features waiting to be explored. Since this was a beta release, all of them couldn’t be observed and they might have changed in the final release as well. We would be having our hands on an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C and then might get back to you with further updates.

iPhone Mobile Offers

iPhones are worldwide hypes and there are actually many iPhone mobile offers you can find. What’s the point of finding iPhone mobile offers when you can just buy one without any carrier? Well, buying an iPhone under iPhone mobile offers gets you an iPhone for cheap. And the best place to look for iPhone mobile offers is the Apple website of your country domain, or your carrier stores.

Apple iPhone 5S Features & India Release

When there’s any launch event from Apple Inc., plenty of crowd jumps by to see if there’s anything new to find here, if there’s anything to be really exciting. Finally, Apple announced a press event to launch their new iPhone for 2013. As expected, we’ve got a lot of features and functionalities on our side with a bit of slicing as well. We’ve been hearing quite a number of rumors going around with the release of the new iPhone and some of them were bang on target and some of them remained out of sight. The new iPhone has just been unveiled by the Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and it may require another month or so to reach into the markets all over the world. A lot of talkie-talks have been going around and we’ve heard that there’d be more than one iPhone to amaze us. This rumor has proved to be true including other things like specifications, finger-print sensors etc. Let’s get a deeper look to find out more about our assumptions and what came to be true. As all of the markets from all over the world will get iPhone supply, we’ll take a look when it will reach India and what iPhone mobile offers.

I still have spare time


Photo by : Hartwig HKD 

“I am busy.” “I don’t have time.” – these are the most commonly heard phrases in today’s busy time. Do you also think that you have less time ? or you have more tasks to complete compared to the hours available in a day ?

Canon EOS700D Review

The market has been enriched with lots of different products and photography has become the latest trend to avail right now. With lots of consumers into photographic society (lots of new ones actually), it’s hard to choose the ones that actually incline with their needs and budget. If you’re into any photographic group, the first thing you’ll notice is the necessity to buy a new camera if you don’t own one already. For the experts, it’s a piece of cake but the newbies find it pretty harder to choose between various gears. With the release of different products from Canon, Nikon and other manufacturers, it’s hard to sit around and choose the best one that matches your needs and budgets as well. So, we’ve come across a few DSLRs and stopped at the latest Canon 700D which has just stepped into the Indian market. So, photographers from all over India can look over to this review (including the ones who’re looking forward to buy canon DSLR camera within a few days.